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Bad Smell In Your Refrigerator?

Bad Smell In Your Refrigerator?

By Clifford Woods

Even if refrigerators are kept clean, you can still get an odor build up. Some of the reasons for this are rotting food, fish, or unnoticed spills. As you probably know, a refrigerator that smells is definitely not a good place to store your fresh foods.

A clean and fresh smelling refrigerator is better so you may have some interest in handling and eliminating bad smells from it as soon as possible. Odors are not too difficult to get rid of, though there may be a bit of work involved. There are many steps that you can take to eliminate them for good. But, before you go about getting rid of the smells, first you need to remove the source of the odor.


Thoroughly Clean Your Fridge The main thing that must be done is to clean your fridge effectively. Remove all racks, containers and every other detachable part of the refrigerator and wash them properly.
Keep the parts you removed outdoors in the sunshine for a few hours so that they can dry correctly or simply do a very good job of drying them fully. Meanwhile, wipe down the inside completely and don't miss cleaning inside any drawers.

Wash the Drip Tray
The drip tray can be found under the fridge. It is quite important to clean the drip tray every now and then since it holds filthy water that could be the main cause of the bad stench coming from your fridge./

It is possible to clean the drip tray by taking out the guard grill under the refer door and cautiously pull it out and get rid of the water inside. Deodorize the drip tray by placing it in a water and baking soda solution.

Defrost the Fridge and Freezer You need to routinely defrost your fridge and freezer. This is important since bad smells can concentrate and mix with the ice cubes currently within the freezer. Defrosting will even help to eliminate thicker layers of ice which make the fridge inefficient and when that happen your food items are not well cared for./

Ensure Proper Airflow
To get rid of bad smells you should also try to ensure that there is plenty of cold air moving all around the refrigerator. Sufficient ventilation will assist you to preserve food products for lengthier periods of time and it will help solve the problem of bad stench.

Dispose of Spoiled Food
Switch off the fridge, disconnect the power, and then get rid of all the spoiled goods or nearly spoiled foods in your refrigerator. Examine every item closely and little by little dispose of the ruined food products. 

Decaying foods are a primary reason for that potent odor coming from your fridge. A good cleaning and the power back and all should be well.

Store Food Appropriately
Another primary reason for bad fridge smells is due to the incorrect storage of food products. Each compartment within a refrigerator have various temperature ranges that conserve the quality, fragrance, and taste of various types of food.

Therefore, it is very important to store food items in their specific storage compartments only. Your refrigerator manual will tell you which foods belong where. Once you have eliminated the main sources of the odor, you can maintain freshness and an odor free environment in your fridge by using the two methods listed below.

Baking Soda
Baking soda helps to maintain freshness. Take a package of it and spread the baking soda all over a baking sheet and then you can put baking sheet inside the fridge for at least several hours. After that is done – you can simply leave the open baking soda package in the fridge to keep working on maintaining the freshness.

Use an All-Natural Odor Eliminator
An organic stench remover with beneficial microorganism’s works by using natural approaches to eliminate the compounds that cause the odor at hand. With just a light squirt, an organic odor control solution is completely effective and safe for use on almost all fabrics, furniture, and flooring. Use in kitchens, refrigerators, gyms, offices, bathrooms, cars, and more!

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