Friday, February 10, 2012

Video of Rancher's Helper for Horses and Ranches

Rancher's Helper for Horses and Ranches

An interview with Tanii Carr of Melody Oaks Ranch
and her success with Rancher's Helper

A few more happy Rancher's Helper Customers....

Your probiotic Rancher's Helper is the most incredible formula... it saved my horse. I want to thank you with all my heart for sending me your Rancher's Helper formula. A couple of weeks ago, I began treating my horse (Jetta) as he had an infection in his hoof that was not getting better and the Vet couldn't get rid of it using many different medicines (which by the way cost me a small fortune). 

I was afraid that I was going to have to put Jetta down because he couldn't walk. This had been going on for over 5 weeks!

The Vet had cut a hole into the side of his hoof to let the infection drain, and I was wrapping it every day to try and keep the dirt out but nothing was working. I found out about Rancher's Helper from my brother and I ordered some.

I received it within a few days and immediately soaked Jetta's hoof in it (diluted with water).
I used a strong solution. Jetta dumped over a  couple of buckets but finally accepted it and stood for the soaking for about 30 minutes. After the initial soaking he did pretty well for subsequent soaks.

Three days later, he was no longer limping or favoring the bad hoof. I have now let him out of his stall into the pasture and the Farrier has come out and put shoes on him. My horse is almost back to normal.....thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also put the Rancher's Helper in the horse's drinking water and his grain. He is so much healthier than he ever has been.

One more thing.... My horse has a 50 gallon trough that he drinks from. This summer has been particularly bad for mosquitoes as when I fill the trough, usually within a day the mosquito's have laid eggs in the water and the larvae have already hatched and are swimming around...very ugly sight!

When I added Rancher's Helper to the water, I would check everyday for mosquito larvae and there wasn't ANY!!  When I cleaned and changed the water on the third day there still wasn't's absolutely amazing!!

This stuff is awesome and I will never be without Rancher's Helper on my farm!

Rancher's Helper is a special formulation of beneficial microorganisms which work to create, sustain and improve the microbial balance of complex living systems by promoting the growth of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms found in plants, animals, soil and water.


Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology.
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