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Effective Environmental Services offer 100% naturally organic products with no chemicals. No matter what you're up against; mold, odors, pond sludge, or green pond water, aquarium problems, compost enhancement, septic tank issues, a healthier lawn, garden or all-purpose naturally organic cleaning 

November 2012 Customer Service Survey
Main deciding factor in buying our products were: All Natural, Safe, No Chemicals
The things most liked about our products? It Worked as Advertised
OVERALL a 91.6% Approval rating

Organic Odor Control is all organic, made from beneficial microorganisms that control
odors naturally

Aquarium Magician is a 100% Naturally Organic cleaner for salt water or fresh water aquariums. It is non-toxic and completely safe for all life forms.

Pond Magician is an organic pond cleaner that cleans ponds and lakes and benefits your fish and plants as it works

Magic Sinkers are used to remove sludge, algae and pollutants in ponds, rivers, lakes and ocean

Magic Bokashi Composter an indoor year round composting system for the home or office to recycle waste into an organic soil conditioner.

Rancher's Helper is a special formulation of beneficial microorganisms that improve the microbial balance of complex living systems

Septic Magician is a live probiotics product that naturally controls septic system tank and cesspool odors and provides septic treatment.

Mold Magician is made of live beneficial healthy microbes that help to clean mold through competitive exclusion.

Organic Lawn & Garden is a 100% organic solution of beneficial microbes that help establish a healthy balance of soil ecology.

Office Building is a completely all natural cleaner that is high in natural antioxidants and helps to protect metals from rusting.

Dry Erase Board Cleaner is an environmentally friendly dry erase cleaner, white board, and marker board cleaner.

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Effective Environmental Services produce Naturally Organic Products that are 100% Chemical Free