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Natural Organic Solutions from Effective Environmental Services

Effective Environmental Services (EES) are regularly introducing natural and organic solutions for environmental concerns with 100% natural and organic products.

We are a privately owned company dedicated to the use of ORGANIC materials only, to handle a myriad of negative environmental situations. We use a product from the microorganisms family. We have observed these to be the most effective and most environmentally friendly solution to a large number of problems that are normally solved with harsh chemicals. Also, some of these chemicals actually do more harm than good for the environment. Our product actually helps the environment now and in the re-building of the future of this planet.

We are a group of highly qualified individuals that are dedicated to the resurrection of the environment of this planet. The damage caused by "those" with little or no thought concerning the future, but only on the almighty dollar, factually have sufficiently degraded the condition environmentally that the entire world's population, plant and animal life, is indeed in serious danger.

With the complete overuse of chemicals coupled with the depletion of minerals in our soils, the foods we now eat are so laced with toxins, the human body simply cannot keep up with it. We now find ourselves faced with the handling of this situation, one not of shame, blame or regret, but one of a hope for the future, by acting responsibly with other like minded groups or individuals using only truly beneficial products that are specifically aimed at working for the "greater good".
We hope you will join us in this exciting time for the future health of our plants, animals, mankind and the planet itself.

You can also visit us regularly to see our expanding line of products
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The only thing we have left is the future, so let's create a great one!