Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My All Natural, No Chemical Pond Never Turns Green

My All Natural, No Chemical Pond Never Turns Green

By Clifford Woods

"My all-natural, no-chemical pond never turns green" is a statement made by our Founder's wife about their pond. She uses Pond Magician and Magic Sinkers all-year-round!

Pond Magician -
This astonishing statement got me curious! I knew the products worked; but never turns green? This I had to find out more about. So, being naturally curious I asked her how they did it. She explains how they keep their pond fresh and clean all-year-round with natural, organic no-chemical products.

No Chemicals tips for a clean, all natural, organic pond that you and your fish will love!

The first point is NEVER put any chemicals what-so-ever in your pond. They damage the environment; destroy natural vegetation and they can HARM your fish! If you are currently using chemicals, it is strongly recommend that you cease using them. At the very least, they are not safe for the environment. Use the recommended dosages - always!

When asked to elaborate on the pond itself, she says she has a 2500 gallon pond and that she always uses the recommended dosages of Pond Magician, every 6 weeks or so, ALL-YEAR-ROUND!

  • No Ultra Violet Lights - ever. Ultra Violet light does reduce the bacteria in the pond; however, the UV cannot tell the difference between the good bacteria and the bad ones. Because of this, a UV light kills the friendly bacteria in the Pond and in the Pond Magician - right along with the bad guys!
  • Use your dechlorinator. If your water is chlorinated or every time you add fresh water to your pond; dechlorinate. Chlorine is not good for the microbes in the Pond Magician.
  • No sludge build-up! Because she uses Pond Magician - about once every 6 weeks or so, no black, stinky, smelly sludge builds up on the bottom of the pond.
Using Pond Magician, at the recommended dosages, all-year-round (every 6 weeks or so) and keeping your pond dechlorinated whenever you add fresh water, will give you: a) happy fish, b) thriving and beautiful plants c) no green water, and d) a clean, healthy, beautiful pond all-year-round!

Pond Magician gives you a clear, natural pond that never turns green all-year-round!

Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology.
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